S.N. Date Name and Designation of Participants Salient Recommendations Action Taken
1 9.10.14
  1. Dr. M.P.Singh (Prof.) N.D.U.A.T. Faizabad.
  1. Dr S. K. Dubey ,Sr.Scientist Z.P.D. Zone-IV, Kanpur.
  1. Dr. Rajesh Tripathi, C.V.O. Office, Gorakhpur.
  1. Dr. Ajay Kumar, V.O. Dawerpar Gorakhpur.
  1. Sri Madhusudan Singh, D.H.O., Gorakhpur.
  1. Sri Indra Prakash Singh, Farmer.
  1. Sri Shiv Bachan, Farmer.
  1. Sri S.P. Singh, Farmer.
  1. Sri Dan Singh, Farmer.
  1. Sri Chandra bhan Singh, Farmer.
  1. Sri V.K. Sharma, P.P.O. Office.
  1. Sri Bhuneshwar Singh Agril Office Gorakhpur.
  1. Dr. A.K.Srivastava, A.R.M. IFFICO, Gorakhpur.
  1. Sri J.P.Srivastava, Agril Office Bansgaon, Gorakhpur.
  1. Sri Sudarshan Singh, A.D.O. Gorakhpur.
  1. Dr. Sanjeet kumar, P.C. K.V.K. Gorakhpur.
  1. All scientist of KVK, Gorakhpur.
  1. Farmer should be aquainted with the use of Pheromon Trapes.
  1. How many farmer adopted bee keeping and Mashroom production.
  1. In service training should be performed on Bio agent and Bio Pesticide.
All the recommendation is full fill.