Photo Gallery

FLD on mustard variety NRCHB 101

FLD on wheat variety HD2967 + ZT

FLD on lentil variety. PL -08

FLD on pigeon pea variety Var. NA-1

FLD on chickpea variety Var. GNG 1581

FLD on field pea variety Var. Aman

FLD on wheat variety HD 3059 + ZT under late sown condition

FLD on mustard variety NRCHB 101 at village Devkali

FLD on paddy variety Shambha Sub-1 in NICRA village

FLD on onion variety ALR

FLD on Pigeon pea variety NA-1 at NICRA village Mahopar

FLD on veg. pea variety AP- 03

Mushroom Production at KVK Belipar, Gorakhpur

Goat Farming at KVK Belipar, Gorakhpur

Bee Keeping at KVK Belipar, Gorakhpur

Bottle Guard Production under NARI at village Devkali

Director Extension Prof. A.P. Rao ,Director ATARI Dr. Atar Singh and scientist from CSISA Dr. Ajay Visiting the KVK Belipar, Gorakhpur

Rice transplanting with Rice transplanter

Production of Azolla

Diagnostic Visit of Cauliflower By KVK Scientist at Village Ashapar

Flowering and Landscaping

Crop cafeteria on wheat at KVK

Wheat Sown By ZT Technology

Relay cropping of potato –Bottle gourd

Intercropping of Banana + potato

Diagnostic visit of G.nut field at Sevai

Field visit by Sr. scientist & Head KVK Belipar at village Pavenpur Bottle gourd on machan

Nursery production at KVK

Swach Bharat Campaign at school in Katia village

Swachh Bharat Campaign at KVK

Meeting of ATMA CDO office Gorakhpur

IFFCO Trial conducted at KVK Belipar, Gorakhpur

Welcome of Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Dr. J.S. Sandhu

Honable V.C . Prof. B. Singh planted the Coconut plant at KVK Belipar, Gorakhpur

Visit of Dr. S.K.Singh SMS (AS) for Animal health camp.

Farmers Meeting at village

Migrant Labour Training at KVK

Nursery production in Low tunnel poly house


Honb’le C.M. of U.P Yogi Adityanath ji maharaj visiting the KVK stall in Kisan Mela at Gorakhpur

Honb’le M.P. Gorakhpur Shri Ravi Kishan ji visiting the KVK stall in Kisan Mela at Gorakhpur


Honb’le V.C. NDUAT Kumarganj, Ayodhya Prof. B. Singh visiting the KVK Belipar, Gorakhpur stall at Kisan Mela at Deoria

Coconut seed nuts Planting at KVK

Agroforestry unit at KVK

NADEP unit at KVK Farmers visiting cow pat pit at KVK

Visiting at Farmers Field Visit at Farmers Field in village Mahopar

Coconut nursery at KVK Belipar, Gorakhpur

Gladiolus Flower Nursery