Welcome to Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Gorakhpur

Krishi Vigyan Kendra Belipar, Gorakhpur is located in the Zone 7, North Eastern plain zone with MSL 78 m latitude 26035.757N longitude 83o 24.357 E. This Kendra was established in April. 2004 under the administrative control of A.N.D.U.A.&T, Narendra Nagar (Kumarganj) Ayodhya, U. P.

Gorakhpur district has 7 Tehsil namely Sadar, Bansgaon, Campierganj, Chorichora, Khajani, Sahjanva and Gola and 20 blocks viz., Charganva, Campierganj, Jangal Kodia, Sardarnagar, Bhathat, Khorabar, Pipraich, Sahjanva, Pali, Bahohiya, Khajani, Belghat, Brahmpur, Piprauli, Bansgaon, Kodiram Gagha, Gola Badhalganj and Urva. Total population of the district is 6.73 lakh with a literacy rate of 75.4%. The total geographical area is 3483.8 sq km, out of this total cultivated area is 248723 ha, forest 6031 ha, land under non agriculture 45875ha, Pasture 211 ha and cultivable waste land 2255. Annual average rainfall is 1100 mm. Maximum temperature goes up to 43.50C in summer and minimum temp. 6.1 C goes in winter. The soil is sandy loam , clay loam and loam. The cropping intensity is 154.4. Dominant cropping system is Rice- Wheat which is grown in about 80% area . Major crops are Rice , wheat, pigeon pea, S. Cane , Mustard and pea.

Abundant natural resources are available hence there is large scope of increase the crop productivity in the district. For achieving the higher crop productivity and sustainability use of new technologies have to spread among the farmers . KVK is a suitable organization for dissemination of improved technologies among the farmers with skill development of the rural youths. No of farmers and their category is given below.

Economic Gains

क्र. सं. जोत ईकाई गोरखपुर महराजगंज देवरिया कुशीनगर मण्डल प्रतिशत
1 सीमान्त ( 01 हे 0 तक) सं॰ 411364 338484 340297 418001 1508146 88.10
2 लघु (01 से 02 हे॰) सं॰ 44221 33673 34946 31500 144340 8.43
3 वृहद ( 2 हे0 से ऊपर) सं॰ 17511 14311 14441 13193 59456 3.47
योग (कृषक संख्या) सं॰ 473096 386468 389684 462694 1711942

In district Gorakhpur there are two KVK which are working in 10 blocks each. KVK Belipar is working in 10 blocks namely Khajani, Belghat, Brahmpur, Piprauli, Bansgaon, Kodiram Gagha, Gola Badhalganj and Urva under the administrative control of ANDUAT Kumarganj, Ayodhya.