Welcome to Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Gorakhpur

Mr. Indra Prakash singh S/o Late Shree Ram Kerat Singh live in Village Janipur Block Kauriram Distt. Gorakhpur. Janipur is situated 12 km. from KVK Belipar. Mr. Singh is educated but he was not interested in Agriculture due to less return from Agriculture. He has 15 acre of cultivated land doing Agriculture work traditionally when the Scientist of KVK Went to Janipur for PRA then Mr. Singh come in to contact with Horticulture Scientist and received information about KVK activities. He showed his interest in new technologies of Agriculture, Horticulture etc. When we go 4-5 years back Mr. Singh cultivated only Rice-Wheat cropping system and he got production only 10-12 q/acre under Rice or wheat crop that time the cost of cultivation per acre under wheat Rs. 3200 and under Rice Rs. 5000 only. Now from 3 years he more interested in cultivation of Horticulture crops like Tomato, Potato, Chilli, Cucurbits and Beans. Now he is adopting crop rotation are-

Rice – Wheat – Dhencha (Seed Production)

Fallow – Potato – Tomato

Fallow – Potato – Dhencha (Seed Production)

Dhencha (Green manure) – Rice – Wheat – Moong

Cucurbits – Tomato/ chilli – Beans

Economic Gains

S.N. Crops Production (q/Acre) Cost of Cultivation (Rs./ Acre) Gross Return (Rs./Acre) Net Return (Rs./Acre) C : B Ratio
1 Rice 24 8185 24000 15815 2.93
2 Wheat 25 5770 27500 21730 4.76
3 Potato 200 27325 100000 72675 3.70
4 Tomato 220 30600 132000 101400 4.31
5 Dhencha 5 3700 13200 9500 3.56

Marketing channel are very poor in his Village he sale all Agriculture Product in Gorakhpur mandi which is 35 km. away from Janipur Village. Mr. Singh is going to organize a SHG in his Village to Spread their Knowledge and empower other farmers also. Since 2013 Mr. Singh is awarded in District highest Productivity in Potato crop it is 200q/Acre through cultivar Kufari Arun.

Now Mr. Singh is updating knowledge through KVK Belipar and he visited to NDUAT Kumarganj, Faizabad, IIVR Varnasi, GBPUAT Pantnagar and RAU Bihar also. Mr. Singh has future planning more production in Mashroom Cultivation and Making green house for cultivation off season vegetables and seed production of wheat, Rice and Potato in guidance of KVK Belipar Gorakhpur.